Halloween & New page: Stories!


Vampire by Aatos Beck © 19-09-2007

These are short stories that I have written “Stories for the scary nights”
Enjoy reading them during the day or just before going to sleep 🙂
Sweet dreams…

Aatos Beck © 31-10-2013.

Have a nice Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween by Aatos Beck © 02-10-2012

IMG_8091          Cropped up Anger by Aatos Beck © 7-3-2010 1024x768WP          IMG_8092

Aatos Beck © 31-10-2013.

Tattoo design In the Claws of a Dragon #2!

This post I started on my other site http://aatosbeck.wordpress.com
But today it got tattooed 🙂

Year of the Ape tattoo Design!

Aatos Beck © 01-11-2012