Helicopter Crashes During Top Gear Recording!

An on board camera records the crash of an AH-1 Cobra during filming for an episode of Top Gear South Korea. The AH-1 was supposed to race a Corvette at an Arizona airfield as part of a challenge.

Source: YouTube!


Source: http://video.nl.msn.com

Enorme ravage na ongeluk op A58!

Enorme ravage na ongeluk op A58

Enorme ravage na ongeluk op A58

Rond 09.30 uur schoot tussen de afritten Rucphen en Sint Willebrord een vrachtwagen door de middenberm.

donderdag 30 augustus 2012

De grote geografische extremenquiz – The large geographic extremes quiz!

De grote geografische extremenquiz

Weet jij wat de langste rivier van de wereld is en hoe lang die wel niet is? Ken jij de bekende geografische extremen op aarde, doe dan deze quiz en kijk hoeveel jij weet van de bekendste uitersten op aarde.
Source: MSN Nieuws

The large geographic extremes quiz

Do you know what the longest river in the world is and how long is that? Do you know the well-known geographical extremes on Earth, then do this quiz and see how much you know of the best-known extremes on Earth.

Cat in a cart!

8-8-2012 9: 41 | By Francis Whittaker, translated by Suzanne Gielis
Animals of the month July

Cat in a cart

Kat in een kar (© Rex Features)

Small kitten Joey (in the shopping cart) was only a few days old when his mother died as she crossed the road. But fortunately he got a new mother from a local asylum who also had a litter kittens. His stephbrothers are a few weeks older than him, but they catch on very well on the photo sticks Joey. its big brother Chesney a leg.

Source: nieuws.nl.msn.com

Stars switch planets – Sterren wisselen planeten uit!

Updated: 18, April, 2012, 3:24 | By Matthias Echters

Stars switch planets

It seems that football club change.Planets sometimes go from one star to another.

(Nederlandse versie als je op de foto hierboven klikt 🙂 )
It seems that football club change. Planets sometimes go from one star to another.

In 2006 was first confirmed what astronomers for a long time suspected: that stars sometimes lose planets . These planets then begin an odyssey through the universe, far from where ever they arise. In that year two planets discovered that no star in the neighbourhood ran circles around each other, which was proven that starless planets.

Sometimes these orphans find a new foster mother. A simulation at the University of Beijing (China) and the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics (USA) shows that single stars planets can “catch” them as adding to their collection planets. Probably does 3 to 6 percent of the stars that sometimes.

Would our own solar system, even a ‘orphan planet can harbour?The team that the simulation did not think of the giant planets around our sun comes out, but a smaller celestial body would indeed millions of light years away may come.

The investigation into the orphan planets on April 20 published in the journal Astrophysical Journal.

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Spiders Plaque – Spinnenplaag!


Halloween-achtige taferelen in het Australische Wagga Wagga. Door de regenachtige weersomstandigheden heerst er een overvloed aan spinnen. Complete weilanden zijn bedekt met een dikke laag spinnenwebben.

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Halloween-like scenes in the Australian Wagga Wagga. Due to the rainy weather there is an abundance of spiders. Complete meadows are covered with a thick layer of cobwebs.

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