Call for Spring!

Call for Spring by Aatos Beck © 04-03-2013

Aatos Beck © 04-03-2013


Aatos Beck © 21-10-2012

Minun Lahja 1 & 2!

Aatos Beck © 11-09-2012

Mango loves Milkshake!

RTL News | August 17, 2012, 10:55

Special love between puppy and kitten blooms in asylum

It is probably the most pathetic video of the moment. In an American asylum kitten found her true in pit bull puppy Mango Milkshake.

The kitten was brought earlier this months insured into an asylum in Los Angeles. She was four days old and had to be bottle fed. The same day was also a nest pit bull puppies brought.

Mango was with the puppies raised. According to the shelter she can find fine with everyone, but she had already become a favourite: Milkshake.

The animals are now two weeks old and can be adopted in a few weeks. It is hoped that the special set together a new owner takes.
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Source: YouTube! & RTL nieuws.

Cat in a cart!

8-8-2012 9: 41 | By Francis Whittaker, translated by Suzanne Gielis
Animals of the month July

Cat in a cart

Kat in een kar (© Rex Features)

Small kitten Joey (in the shopping cart) was only a few days old when his mother died as she crossed the road. But fortunately he got a new mother from a local asylum who also had a litter kittens. His stephbrothers are a few weeks older than him, but they catch on very well on the photo sticks Joey. its big brother Chesney a leg.


Three Musketeers!

My three musketeers, Sima (left), Pökö (right) & Magic (in the back) were enjoying a nice nap in the Tipi tent to cool down from a hot sunny day.

Aatos Beck © 14-06-2012

Warm welcome home after a Motor-ride 1 & 2!

Aatos Beck © 28-05-2012