Night & Day / Yö ja Päivä!


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Aatos Beck © 01-01-2014.

Added a new page with my own Vidz : My YouTube Channel!

Added a new page with my own Vidz.

To watch my other video’s click on the link to go to my channel on YouTube! aatosbeck
Or after playing the first video you can get 12 more suggestions 🙂

And soon on the new page will also new Vidz been added, I will keep you updated.

Aatos Beck © 29-03-2012

U2 Beautiful Day!

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Ronnie Drew!

This was a surprise for my brother & me. The first night we arrived in Middleton in the County Cork going for a pint at the local… there he was performing “Ronnie Drew” at The Meeting Place where we performed also many times during this first week.

On the Fav. Vidz. page you’ll find a tribute to Ronnie Drew.

Ronnie Drew by Aatos Beck © 1996 Middleton Co. Cork