Never tear us apart!


Never tear us apart by Aatos Beck © 31-10-2013

Aatos Beck © 31-10-2013

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Love through all kinds of weather 1 & 2!


Love through all kinds of weather by Aatos Beck © 27-10-2013

Love through all kinds of weather 2 by Aatos Beck © 28-10-2013

Aatos Beck © 28-10-2013

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The Heart is made of two sides!


The Heart is made of two sides by Aatos Beck © 23-10-2013

Aatos Beck © 23-10-2013

Added a new page on Power of Light Centre!


Pure feeling and thoughts – Puur gevoel en gedachten

554532_334450826691761_1737598935_n Translated

Words: Tina Mensinga
Translation: Aatos Beck

My new site!

Power of Light Centre by Aatos Beck © 16-07-2013

Aatos Beck © 05-08-2013.

Pohjoisen Etelän Matka – Aatos Beck!

Aatos Beck © 13-05-2013

Google-melding – dierenstichting hope‏!

Gemeente Landgraaf / Home / Nieuwsoverzicht / Dierenstichting Hope genomineerd voor Vrijwilligersprijs 2012
Op dinsdag 4 september werd dierenstichting Hope verrast met een nominatie voor de Vrijwilligersprijs 2012. De familie Smits, oprichters van Hope, was samen

Ikea brand now completely in Dutch hands!

RTL News | 09 August 2012, 09: 54

Ikea brand now completely in Dutch hands

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Ikea puts an end to the opaque structure of the company. By selling the brand name to a subsidiary in Delft, the Dutch completely brand.

The internal shift must put an end to the uncertainty about the location of the company and the place where tax is paid. With the acquisition of the brand name by Inter Ikea Systems in Delft, an amount of € 9 billion.

Uncertain cash flows

Especially in the Swedish public opinion are the ambiguous power of the family of founder Ingvar Kamprad about Ikea, the cash flows of the Swedish company and the complex structure of origin with holdings and companies in various countries regularly subject of discussion. Ikea publishes its annual results for the last two years , according to connoisseurs to meet the criticism.

Remove ambiguity

Ikea in Delft was already owner of the concept of the furniture stores of the group. The headquarters of Ikea is located in Netherlands for years because the tax climate here is more favourable than in Sweden. By now also to the ownership of the brand name to transfer the Group Netherlands hopes to take away all ambiguity about the furniture company, stressed the spokesman.

Tax Haven Liechtenstein

Mother holding Interogo in tax haven Liechtenstein remains the overarching body for all Ikea-companies. According to earlier estimates a capacity of Interogo would certainly have EUR 10 billion, before the sale of the brand name to the Dutch Ikea daughter.

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EK2012 Holland – Germany!

Germany 2 – 1 Holland

But there is still a change against Portugal next Sunday.
But that will be their last one too.

Aatos Beck © 13-06-2012

Oranje-Duitsland echte klassieker – EK 2012!

Nederlandse en Duitse vlag

EK-blog woensdag 13 juni

13 jun 2012, 12:11
Het Nederlands elftal bereidt zich voor op de belangrijke wedstrijd tegen Duitsland.

Robin van Persie (l) en Klaas-Jan Huntelaar

Oranje-Duitsland echte klassieker
13 jun 2012, 08:00

Oranje ontmoet Duitsland vanavond voor de 39ste keer. De Duitsers wonnen veertien keer, Nederland tien keer.