Vegetable curry with rice mix with chicken cubes – Curry Riisi Vihannes sekoitus kana kuutioilla!


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Aatos Beck © 18-09-2013

Extra tomato, onion, garlic, curry, cayenne pepper, salami pizza / Extra tomaatti, sipuli , valkosipuli, curry, cayenne – pippuri, salami pitsa!

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Tarly Chicken Curry!

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I prepare the food at 160 degrees Celsius to preserve the natural balance off vitamins & sugar counts that become higher even by a slight change of going to 180. It may be will take a half hour longer, but the taste will be more tasteful.

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Curry Salmon Vegetable dish with Curry Herring Salad!

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500 gr Salmon
200 gr Soup- vegetables
Fish spices (without salt)
A bit of Persil
Chilli powder
2 tbl. sp. Soya sauce

1/2 can of Curry Herring

Bon Appetit!

Aatos Beck © 05-04-2012