Stories For The Scary Nights Written by: Aatos Beck.

Story 1:
Questions about life.

by: Aatos Beck

Are you just ready enough, to face the consequences?
Too take responsibility of the actions that you might take.
Though the world seems to be in the worst kind of situation.
Don’t bother for what seems to be a weird kind of question,

For what is wrong or may be right.
Sometimes it feels you have a rock on your shoulder, but if you looked closely it would appear to be your own life…
The cautions you seem to take will never compare to the risks
you might endure.

The miracle of life it-self is that what ever you do, the out-come
will still be the same whatever you might try to do.
The mind is a weird place for us to be in, shallow as the deepest
ocean and as clear as the day itself.

For my heart is as deep as an ocean, that is there for my love to find.
The loneliness sometimes bothers me, for years I’ve searched for the
meaning of life but every time I got close to the answer it seemed it
was getting further away from me than I had mended it to be.

But I have the extension of my music too carry me to new grounds.

The lyrics will be the guide that I was looking for.
The ground that I walk on just seemed to be as the
ground that I felled beneath me.

But nothing will compare of the love I have for you.
Many times I may drink or smoke a lot, or just to do something to
pass the time.

Or dream a thousand dreams before I can tell you you’re mine.
But when that moment arrives you will know exactly what to expect.
The beating of my heart will be the wind that caries you away.
The breath shall be your guide to the lost paradise.
My love will keep you warm when ever the temperature is below zero.
And my arms will make way if there is no path between us.
So that’s what I call the philosophy of this weird time that we now
live in.

But now it seems I have said to much already, so until the next session
my friends


Philosophised by the thoughts from: Aatos Beck © 25-04-2001.

Story 2:

The Landing.

by: Aatos Beck

It all happened on a strange day, everything had to be going at the right speed
and at the same time without changing the course of time.

It was the day that there would be worked on making new world records.
The Olympics in the new way of sports that would make an impact on all the
records that were ever made.
The first day had past and for all the contestants it was time to hit the sack.
To get the sleep they had worked for the past day, and surviving one of the
worst battles they had encountered before.

It started to become darker outside, for the night appeared at their front-step.
Suddenly during the night I woke up and had the urge of lightning up a cigarette.

I got out of the bed and putt some cloths on before opening my door.
I noted that I wasn’t the only one that had that same need for a smoke, because

I started to see more and more of the athletes wondering through the corridors.
Checking for another time that the key of my room was still in my pocket before
closing the door behind me I started to walk through the hall past all the other
wanderers that were still around.

After a short search I found a door that led to a porch where I could finally inhale
the fumes made by a cigarette.
As I watched to the midnight sky above me there was something about the stars
that made me look at them another time.
It seemed like there was some movement out there behind the brightest stars
were all so the once that were the nearest.
As I thought them as to be a hallucination of my part because the lack of sleep I
had that night, I took no notice about the incident no more.

After a while as I finished my cigarette the sky started to glow up with a strange
bright glowing light that only seemed to brighten up the porch that I was standing
on still dropping ashes on the floor.

Dropped my cigarette on the floor out of the fear of the unknown, for now this
was something that I had never encountered before.
But before I could even do anything something was floating right above me
to open up a kind of passage in that cold metal like object.
Suddenly there came out the brightest light that I had ever seen coming down
towards the porch when I noticed that I wasn’t alone on it.

A small dog had past the door when I got to the porch and because it had not
any sound I hadn’t even noticed it before.But because it started to bark
at the light beam coming down on us it changed its course to shine upon the dog
instead of me.

As I watched that the flying saucer before my eyes opened its claw like doors.
The dog looked at me and for the last time it barked out to me as if I would

understand its pain being drawn by a kind of force beam pulling it into the ship.
As the dog ported into the ship I saw all kinds of small robotic like creatures

coming to get the dog like they would have come to vulture on their prey.
Small with a count of thousands they made every glimpse of the dog disappear.
Then suddenly the doors closed again and only in a few microseconds the ship
was gone out of sight into the same dark night that was there once before.

Shocked as I was I gone back to my room thinking that what I had seen had only
been a terrible nightmare.
That only took a couple of seconds because suddenly I noticed that I started
to see through the eyes of that lost dog, starting with a blurry sight.

Feeling the same fear and pain that it I had acquired in the period of its capture.

The robotic kind of creatures had moved away, that’s when I first got a glimpse
of the true face of the aliens that in first place had tried to capture me but got
the dog instead because it didn’t show any fear at the time.

They were looking quite small with a blue kind of skin not even a metre tall they
were as they started to try to communicate with the dog thinking that was a
creature that ruled the world over us humans.

Not long after that they made clear they wanted to get around the table to work
a kind of an alliance that would have a peaceful ending for all parties concerned.
The ending was simple to swim in a big lake so both Humans and aliens would
come together as one new kind of brotherhood.


The End

Story 3:
The Power and The Glory.

by: Aatos Beck & picture by: Aatos Beck

There have always been questions as long as there have been people on this earth about the way life was treating you.

Why would you think some got it all with out doing a thing and you never got even a penny without proving yourself worthy.

For we all have a purpose why we go through these similar stages or if you will theatres in our life.

Some people seem to have been born with everything, and some have to really struggle their way to the top too be thrown back time after time whenever they did succeed.

But may be this wasn’t the only reason for you too have a second chance to make up for the things you may had done in your past life if you could think that open minded.

May there have been a connection of past linked with this present future?

And if so, what would be the purpose of this knowledge…are we just puppets that need life after life to learn to get too an other level, so may be after succeeding for several times you get to your final post that’s called…


This story is just a reminder of individual thoughts that may make a difference or just to give a wider perspective…

Written on Wednesday the 31st of May 2000.

Story 4:

The Mystery Knight of the Soul
By: Aatos Beck & picture by:
Aatos Beck

hat made the world turn in such a mysterious way
Turning around like water colliding through stone
Fire that seemed to be a part from human body
Like the coldness around a leaving soul

Somewhere in the darkest part of the dragon’s might
I Heard a Cry
An owl flying against the oh so darkened night
Where not even the moon showed any merciful light

Broken bones shattered around in a darkened cave
A sign was given to the lonely knight of mercy
Remembering the last kiss before the big goodbye
Will he ever return, asked the lonely one

Thee will find the only dragon that lives for ever
Thou shall stick a shamrock onto his chest
Where its heart meets fury
Then you’ll find the answers you so asked

For maybe time will fly by as the last sign on you
Turns beauty into the signs of Time
Lasting forever the sorrow of a loss
Until the day you’ll be on your way

Written by: Knight Aatos Beck © 14 march 2000. About the soul,
Written to all that feels a part of this truth is from within thy own

Story 5:

by: Aatos Beck & picture by: Aatos Beck

It was an early morning not so long ago, when I was about too visit some good friends out in the country-side.
I had phoned them up about this meeting just before I decided to get in touch with them after the many years that had past.
At first it seemed to be a normal conversation, but after a while I started to think otherwise about the manor they talked too me.
They were too friendly towards me after I had been gone for so many years.
But after the long talk we had, I decided to go to visit them in the small town down south where my dearest friends did live.

It took like a couple of days before I got to the place I saw like a homestead. But when I got there it seemed like the natural thing for me to do, the small street with in the beginning a small white house that used to be my birth-place (the house that I grew up).
That was the first place I visited before I went to see my friends that just lived across the street from my so called birth-place.
Not long after that I arrived at the door and rang the bell, waited for a couple of minutes before the door got answered by the girl I used to be in love with when I was a young lad.

She asked me in so I did, and I got so comfortable with the thought of the past that I forgot the purpose of my trip down here in a second.
After a while everyone got around the table and welcomed me back to the hometown and that I had returned after all these years.
After a while I looked at the wall at a sharp long knife that had a message beneath it that said:
”The soul-reaper (for the souls that couldn’t be saved), their only salvation”.
But not long after we started eating I started to notice some weird or you might call them strange encounters for the guests started to eat in a strange way, nibbling on the flesh of their next neighbours arm.
So when I got a closer look at the guest of honour (me), I noticed I was the only one that seemed to be normal.

All the table guests started to stand up and without a word they approached me.
That’s when I remembered the cleaver down-stairs “the soul-reaper” that could may be save my life in this weird situation.
So I ran downstairs in such a hurry that I stumbled down the stairs and hit my face against the wall that left some sharp splinters in my right cheek.
I reached towards the cleaver and turned around and at that same time there was already someone behind me, and that was the first time that I struck out.
Hitting the neck of the one that stood behind me and while the blood was like squirting out of the neck I noticed an other attacker that tried too get me at that same time.
Trying to hit around me with the cleaver as fast and as many times possible without thinking about the consequences, but then suddenly my best friend stood in-front of me and that made it really hard for me because no matter what was happening this was still the frame of my best frame…. That’s when I hit at least twice as hard into it’s face, neck, chopping peaces out of the legs or arms until there was nothing than some vicious gore that seemed as the last day of the dome that got too earths survivors.

But the next thing I never had thought off was that I heard a voice coming out of the rubble that was lying on the floor next to me.
A small lovely face came from beneath the mess that had been brightening up the place for such a short while that it just seemed too be an illusion.
It seemed we did get the awful creatures that had been luring around the beds that had been burning and that gave us a sign that we could get out in a way. At least until the moment that we could just lay back our heads and lay back for a while.

Many days got by, until a strange thing happened while I had been on the night and day guard for the past days.
As my companion started too wash the cloths she had found that were laying around, the machine started to tremble back and forth.
But the weirdest thing that happened was that what was in the machine was growing all the time, just like a body that was taking possession of a soul that wasn’t here at all, anymore…
She started doing something that I didn’t suspect her to do, washing clothes until they were dry for hanging them up for a while into the shadows of the night that was passing by.
But something weird happened to this situation, as she putts the clothes into the machine she saw something change in-front of her… (the warmth).

Until the peaces of flesh that were once ripped apart, started too get in touch with each other & growing back into the horrible monster that it once had been.
The glass started to break and that’s when it all started it’s strange, hot, steamy night in its own ecstasy that was going to take his love away.But what was the purpose of this visit….was it just a fantasy or an illusion….
Who knows? It could be that the town is going too be empty for the rest of our visit and our love towards this beautiful city.

The End

Aatos Beck © 16 May 2001.

Story 6:
Escaping the lonely mind.

by: Aatos Beck & picture by: Aatos Beck.

reflection against the ceiling

A long time ago there was a tail about the wonders of the world.

A story about grey wise men that knew the answers of the many mystical words and things that surrounds all of us in their special ways.

They often looked up into the sky, in search for a sign or an Omen for they had wondered what the light beams up in the skies were all about.

Above the hills and the horizon they would hang as the end of the world from the darkness into the sudden light of all the stars that were out tonight.

It started as a story that went from father to son or from mother to daughter.

As if they all were so used too the visiting lights that were hanging as if they were on strings, they had become to be so normal that the people in this lost valley did not even notice them anymore.

The elders knew about the legacy what they had to pass on for the younger generations and that’s why once a week these legacies or in other words legends were told as a kind of education method.

And this week the stories were all about the disappearances that had happened in these parts of the valley for so many years.

The wise men of the council started to talk about all these things that had been happening from the day that he was born.

Because he had the feeling it would be him that they would take away this time.

By these strange bundles of light that were hanging above the mountains that were on the outskirts of town.

Even his gut gave him this feeling that if he would go towards these bundles he would maybe meet his lost brothers and sisters again.

But then he started to question himself with one question and that was, would he even recognise them for he had never even seen them because they were taken before he was even born.

Not many days after these questions he had disappeared, and that’s where this story really starts.

A big flash had appeared and there was a thick foggy like smoke hanging above the ground, and this only took like a couple of seconds then it became dark.

As the darkest part of the heart of your deepest inner-thoughts.

Then he saw a weird light appearing in front of him that seemed to want him to walk towards it, though he saw people walking inside the light as if they were lost in time.

That’s when he noticed he was send to the place where all the lonely minded people had escaped from the worst enemy of the human-race…called loneliness.

Before this encounter of reality he had never asked himself once for a reason, and now he got the answer why all those villagers had disappeared.

But as he looked around he got the feeling all these people had something in-common, they all had escaped their lonely hearts.

And that’s where the strange lights became their answer, to show them the way.

Though he had been the leader of this community. Not once had he realised the problems of his citizens.

Something in nature had developed these wonderful lights to teach that nothing can bring back the balance and harmony if they aren’t ready to do something for themselves.

The lights had become like a symbol of the god’s, but in-fact these were caused by the many faults people had brought upon them.

But still he felled the reason for him being here wasn’t just to teach him these wise things, but he had the task to get as many people as possible back to the other side and back to their homes and families.

They all had been away from their loved ones long enough because they all thought no one cared for their feelings, but there they seemed to be wrong.

For they only wanted to know the feeling of being loved for what they were….


Story 7:
Their Midnight Loss.

by: Aatos Beck & picture by: Aatos Beck

Their Midnight Loss

When a couple walked down a foggy street, as they stopped and looked around for just a moment at a strange looking parlour.

They saw a weird mask that was looking at them like the wind that was breezing through a shallow bottle of wine that had been emptied a couple of hours ago. The mask had an impact on both their souls, as if it had brought them an insight of what would happen.

The salesman told them a story about an auld figure that had lived a century ago into the Far East, where they found a casket of an old buried historical figure that ones had been a sort of king around the south of the pacific. They were so amazed by the story that they bought the strange looking mask, just for the fun of it so they could bract with their best friends about it. They were from a high curt of standards and wished themselves to be welcomed in their community with their weird kind of being known with art that was so far edged.

But after a couple of days something strange happened with them, as they had a late night supper she got really ill like. As he wondered what the problem was to it, he struggled with a feeling of hate. Something seemed to have taken control with his soul, a darker side of mystical force he had been drawn by. He went to their kitchen and took out of the kitchen cabinet a large sharp knife too cut something that seemed to be like a rat or something like that. But in fact it was the neck of his beloved wife he was preparing too be slicing open.

It only took a couple of seconds….then it was over….he started steering at his own hands until he found out what had really happened that night.

He took his young wife into his arms and begged for forgiveness, as he saw her blood running down her ones so beloved face. As if it wasn’t enough, there was his need too express himself with his terrible loss. He looked once at the face of his beloved one and begged for the mercy of his soul.

After he had slashed the blade across the all ready bleeding heart, and he cursed the rest of the world too be a part of their redemption that would follow them for the rest of their mortal souls.

Not even a second after that did the mask reappear at the Mortimer’s shop they had ones walked by…the only thing what remained was the irony of it all.

Love only this moment for you don’t know when this would be your last one!!!

Written by: Aatos Beck © 29/04/2000. ‘s-Gravenpolder. ( 02:53 AM.)

Story 8:

Strange people in a war

by: Aatos Beck & picture by: Aatos Beck.

Through the darkness of the night I walked hand in hand with a girl.
Then suddenly bombs were falling to the ground, and rockets flew through the air like fireworks during New Year.
Houses we had just walked by blew to bits by enormous explosions, and burned the houses to the ground.
We started to run in search for any survivors, but what we only could hear were the many cries from beneath the rubble where small fires still burned many of the victims to death.
There were also many that had bled until the last drop of blood and their last breath had left their souls.

Enemy soldiers appeared from all over and from all directions, so as soon as we could we did hide behind the already dead to just get through this …alive.
We were afraid for what they would do if they did find us, but as the time past and the search went on they caught eventually.
We were brought to a camp or you could say it seemed to be an abandoned castle that now were just leftovers and ruins that gave only a passage to the many tunnel-ways that lay beneath.
As we got inside they led us to a big open hallway that ended with a large sealed of room, where all the other prisoners were at.

I had seen many people I once had known before in this prison-cell, but for some of them the time would count for much too even get to see their friends they had once had before.
Days were flying by and for most of the prisoners just disappeared or were found back with limbs missing or sliced in to small parts they would feed to their wild bloodhounds that were fed with anger by the smell of death.
One night a fellow prisoner went to the bathroom for that was at least one of the luxuries we had left.

But the silence would be gone soon…..

There was a scream …… and silence.

I went to see what had happened and noticed I had stumbled over a head that lied on the floor with pieces of bone and flesh all over from floor too sealing.Later that night the girl that I had been captured with asked me for her last wish, for she had a feeling she would be the next one to die.
She asked me if I wanted to make love to her for may be that would have been her last, that’s when I said:” okay….”

A couple of days later a couple of the soldiers of the enemy came and took her away for some tests that they wanted to try on her, some new torturing method or something like that.
The next morning that I woke up I noticed that she lied next to me and as I tried to wake her up and turned her over, there was only a lifeless shell that once had been her own castle of life.

Lips as dark as the endless pit of the portal of restless souls that were barely alive.

They had tried out a new kind of drug that they gave her against her will as she lied bonded on a table for the straps were still around her arms and legs.
I putt her on my shoulder in search for that soldier that had done this to the last person I had made love with just the night before; I wouldn’t stop before I had my revenge.
I picked up a stone and silently got closer to that soldier that was smoking a cigarette on a dark corner; he turned around but just a fraction to late.
I smashed his head in, so that the brains and the blood flew on my clothes.
His days had just ended, the hard way.

Suddenly the girl got a bit back to her senses, but still had not the strength to walk on her own.
Still carrying her on my shoulder we did escape into the darkness of the night.
We walked for hours and fell on the moist ground of the foggy night before.

And in each-others arms we watched to the sunset and the war go by…….

Based on a dream: 16/03/1993.

Story 9:

The Killing Game

By: Aatos Beck & pictures by: Aatos Beck.

One evening the only way to get time to pass was by playing a videogame at home, because there was nothing else to do anyway and nothing on television.

This went on for many hours and that’s when suddenly the television seemed to get closer to me as if you focus in an object, closer and closer it came.

The next moment the game I had played was all around me, someway I was on the inside.

Something seemed to move towards me, a humming and screaming and that creature that made that sound wasn’t friendly I could tell.

Then it stood in front of me, that’s when it started to kill me…slowly that when I felt the pain, my own scream…a heartbeat…silence.

This had become to be a killing game in reality.

It became dark, and said: “GAME OVER”

Story 10:
Old Piano

By: Aatos Beck & pictures by: Aatos Beck.

Once upon a time I was eating in a restaurant, having a great and tasteful dinner. When suddenly new customers walked into the restaurant, I looked at some coming past my table.
That’s when I noticed one of the customers that walked by looked at me and had a grin on his face.

The face that went with that grin seemed so familiar as if I had seen that face before, that’s when I knew from where I had seen him before.
All the other people had that same impression of recognition because it seemed that it was Clint Eastwood in person.

As he sat down at the table next to me, while looking at the menu.
That made my dinner so much better than I had thought it would ever taste like.
The next moment there was a bright flash, a great big Blanc spot in the timeline that confused me a lot.

I was transported somehow into a store where they only were selling used antique pianos.
There was a real special looking one that caught into my eyes as when you see the love of your life.
It was so old you only had to touch the wood and it would start playing a tune, a tune that seemed to possessing the person that everyone has living behind the soul next to the heart.
It would make your life pass by, all the wonderful moments that you had ever had.

There were some other people that were in the store get more and more interested in buying such a find.
A piano with almost the sound like the voice of an angel.
I started to name the price that I thought it would be worth, and that was pretty high…….

That’s when I suddenly seem to wake up, seeing the old piano I dreamed of stand in the corner of the room.

But, how did it get there?

Story 11:

Dead man in the Room

By: Aatos Beck & pictures by: Aatos Beck.

It was during a summer holiday that I arrived in a small town next to some beautiful scenery of a mountain that lay there a few miles out of town.

Checked myself in at a local hostel, but there was something about that place as if it had been empty for at least a couple of years because it was moist and cool inside.

But after a few moments I got my key, and started walking up the stairs to the seventh floor where my room was situated.

Been on the road for many days I fell asleep shortly after I got my things packed out.

But not long after that something woke me, the bed that I laid in was getting moist as if you dreamed of been sleeping in a bathtub.

I stood up from the bed and turned the matras on its side, when I saw something terrible beneath it.

There was laying a dead rotting body under the bed that I had been sleeping in a few minutes before.

Feeling sick I ran towards the toilet where I couldn’t keep up the vomit that came up my throat.

When I returned there had appeared a demon like creature into the room that had started to eat the flesh to the bone of that dead corps.

Its face was the ugliest thing I had ever encountered before, especially for this wasn’t a dream anymore but the hard reality that couldn’t be explained by modern science or any form of believes.

But then I got a blackout, and the demon was gone…

So where is that demon now that had appeared?

I do hope you will watch beneath your bed before going to sleep, for you never know….

You can better look twice

Story 12:

It fell from the sky

By: Aatos Beck & pictures by:Aatos Beck

It was a beautiful morning, the sun had just started to shine brightly and there were no clouds in the sky.

It was just a perfect summer’s day that day.

Most of the people were having fun on the beach or trying to make it into a special day that they would remember for a long time.

Just like this one family that decided to keep a picnic in their own precious garden.

The complete nation was relaxing because everyone got the day off because it was to warm to work anyway, it was about 90degrees that’s 30-35celcius.

As they started to enjoy their meal at the table, dead birds started falling on the table and their heads.

A bird fell into the eyes of one of the children’s eyes puncturing straight through to the skull.

Screaming of pain of their punctured eyes other things started to fall from the sky….

Now there were falling axes big and small upon them, and severed the family that were once so joyful of the day into oblivion…forever departed,

You could say.

( Goodnight )

Story 13:
Who lighted the human Torch?

By: Aatos Beck & pictures by: Aatos Beck.

There had been several different kinds of murders happening around several smaller counties nearby.

On the news report they advised people to stay indoors and lock all windows and doors, because there was a man on the loose that loved to see his victim’s burn and to watch how their flesh would turn into crisp pieces that would fall apart from the bone.

The police had searched for this murderer for the past three years, but they never got close enough to catch him or to get his real identity revealed.

Until that fatal night there was an emergency call that got the attention of the cop on duty.

It seemed to be about a house that was apparently set on fire, just in the outskirts of town.

There seemed to be a link, because the anonymous caller said that they would find a body out there.

But before the cops could trace this phone call the connection was broken.

What seemed what happened at the scene was that the alleged murderer that liked to burn his victims had made a fatal misjudgement, now his luck ran out.

As he pored gasoline over his newest victim that he had hit unconscious a spark from an unknown source led him and his victim on fire and after that the whole building.

He never stood a chance to save himself, because the fire spread to fast.

The firemen and police came too late at the scene to even try to save anyone that had been in that building.

The house had burned to the ground just before they arrived.

But as the fire was putt under control by the firemen they could start their investigation to find out the real cause that gave this night a terrifying scent.

After a short search they found the two bodies all burned up, that’s when they saw something amazing.

In the hand of the murderer they found the torch, that supposedly started the fire…but it seemed that it was never used that could’ve started this nightmare.

So the question arose, if he didn’t start this blaze…who did?

So whenever you see smoke, look real close to see….

Who started that fire this time…

Could it be?

Story 14:
Something crawled between my feet.

By: Aatos Beck & pictures by: Aatos Beck

Standing on an edge of the building that I used to rent and finding myself in a situation of being stuck on the roof because the door fell into its lock.

I only wanted to see the beautiful scenery from above, like I had done so many times before.

The only exception was that I had moved to another town a few weeks ago and I kind of missed that moment of being in thoughts on that roof.

But now I had been stuck here for the past night, waiting for someone to open the door.
The only company I had up there were the few rats that crawled between my feet, also looking for a way out from that situation that got now became into something claustrophobic.

Suddenly the door opened and there was my brother standing in front of me, he found it pretty amusing.

He started to joke about the situation that I had got myself into. Like:” how to get high, when the only way to get down was to fly…”


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