Chilli Dish with Sausage!

Lentil Soup Sweet Chilli Soy sauce topped with a spoonful of mint sauce!

Sausage sauce with spaghetti!

Chinese Cabbage wiener potato puree!

Tuna Spaghetti Bolognese with extra cheese / tri-colore ice cream with berries yogurt!

Chicken in a frying pan with spices / nutmeg – butter potatoes Paistin pannulla kana mausteilla / muskotti – voi perunoilla Kip in een koekenpan met kruiden / nootmuskaat – Boter aardappelen!

Pulla Bread with egg!

Sugar Coated Pulla-Bread!

Maksa (liver) laatikkoa (oven-dish) “preparing for Christmas”!

Bolognese potatoes – Bolognese perunoitten kanssa!

Lihapiirakka – Meat pie – Vleespastei (FIN)!

Crinkle veggies with Chicken fillet!

Slavink Mixed Vegetables!

Filling omelette to start the day!

Sinappi Nakki Pytty-pannu – Mustard Sausage pot-pot!

Macaroni with sausage sauce – Makaroni makkara kastikkeella!

Green beans, onions with chicken Filée – Vihreitä papuja, sipulia, kanaa filettä – Sperziebonen, uien met kip filee!

Vegetable curry with rice mix with chicken cubes – Curry Riisi Vihannes sekoitus kana kuutioilla!

Spaghetti with Chicken Tomato Sauce!

Slavinken Nutmeg mashed (pea) potatoes!

Bami Goreng with Sateh!

Crinkle cut fries with drumsticks!

Onion Green Beans with Mint Chicken fillet!

Spicy Garlic Chicken Fillet with Vegetables 2!

Spicy Garlic Chicken Fillet with Vegetables!

Broken Green (Cayenne) Beans Mashed (Mint) Potato with Fish-sticks!

Eggs with old cheese, Salami, Curry & Cayenne on rye bread!

Chilli Chicken Drum-stick’s with Onion Rice!

Onion small potatoes with Salmon garlic fish-sticks oven dish!

Extra tomato, onion, garlic, curry, cayenne pepper, salami pizza / Extra tomaatti, sipuli , valkosipuli, curry, cayenne – pippuri, salami pitsa!

Chicken-wing Garlic Vegetable-Dish!

Food for Love Tosti!

Turkish pizza filled with Vegetables and smoked sausage!

Combinated (double cayenne cheese) Hamburger / Hot Dog!

Banana flavoured Spicy Spaghetti Bolognese!

Elitaura’s oven-dish!

Vegetable Pangasiusfilet with Kardemom, Cayenne, Garlic Mix!

Riisipyttypannu with Curry, Cayenne & sambal!

Kesäisen olon Voileipäkakku – Summer feeling Bread tart – gevoel van de zomer Brood taart!

Chicken Curry Delight!

Koolvis met Balkan gemengde groenten – Saithe with Balkan mixed vegetables!

Fusilli Makkara kastikkeella – Fusilli with Sausage sauce!

Potatoe-Sauerkraut-Frikandel Oven-Dish!

Valentine’s Goulash Vegetable Dish!

Valentine’s Day Spaghetti Bolognese in 15 Minutes!

Green Beans with hot frikandel in 1/2 hour!

Hapankaali sydän – Zuurkool hart – sauerkraut heart!

Pannukakku tulisen kana vihannes täytteellä – Pancake fiery chicken vegetable toppings!

Turkey Breast with potatoes!

Halloween Night Dinner!

Macaroni Smoked sausage Vegetable Oven-dish!

Green beans chicken wing rice dish!


Hot soup vegetables garlic Lekkerbek (Gastronome)!

Hot chicken legged Pasta!

Quick Pizza sauced Pasta Dish!

Vegetable Fishstick Rösti Burger Mix!

Easy Bolognese with Rice!

Salmon Sandwich Cake – Lohi Voileipäkakku – Zalm Brood Taart!

Curry Salmon Vegetable dish with Curry Herring Salad!

French bread, burger,chickenfilet vegetable Delight!

Tarly Chicken Curry!

Onion Turkey vegetable Fish-stick Surprise!

Small potato garlic turkey oven-dish!

Aatos Beck © 2012

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