The Heart is made of two sides!


The Heart is made of two sides by Aatos Beck © 23-10-2013

Aatos Beck © 23-10-2013

Chicken-wing Garlic Vegetable-Dish!

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And just for an hour into the oven at 160 Degrees Celsius.
Just a real easy way to make something good in an hour, but you can speed it up by first start with 180 – 200 and then lower it down to 160. Then it will maybe only take 30 – 40 minutes 🙂


Aatos Beck © 11-08-2013

She was the One – Aatos Beck!

Aatos Beck © 07-08-2013

Written & composed: Aatos Beck © 14-01-1997 in Cork Ireland.

CCTV camera captured Teleportation in China – September 2012!

Source: YouTube!

Better to feel Lonely than to find out You are Unhappy!

Aatos Beck © 18-08-2012

Perfect Couple!

Aatos Beck © 18-08-2012

Yin Yang Ballanced!

Aatos Beck © 17-07-2012