50 Degrees and still rising!

Aatos Beck © 01-08-2012

The beauty of pollination!


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Saved by Magic 1&2 by Aatos Beck © 18-06-2012

Magic saved this little Tomtit so my other cats wouldn’t harm it by talking and hiding it between her paws without harming her. Second picture she kissed the bird 🙂

With the bird everything is fine… resting in the Tipi tent for a while to strengthen.

Aatos Beck © 18-06-2012

Once Love and now a Statue!

Aatos Beck © 24-05-2012

Offering for the better good!

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Aatos Beck © 12-05-2012

Playfull Duck!

Aatos Beck © 18-04-2012

Sanquin – Bloedbank Word Donor – Become a blood donor!

Several years I already have been a donor, as for today I went to donate too 🙂 It always gives a good feeling if you can help someone by doing so or even save a life.

Too read how to become one, click on the links below for the Dutch or English version.

      NL or EN

Source: Sanguin.nl

Aatos Beck © 05-04-2012

Visit to end animal cruelty by watching the site!

Visit to end animal cruelty by watching the site http://dierenstichtinghope.wordpress.com
Thank you for your support 🙂

Aatos Beck © 30-03-2012

Heksenberg – Witchesmountain!

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Yesterday I found a new place in nature nearby my own home that I wanted to explore & finally the time was right to climb that mountain enjoying the sun setting down on the horizon.

I just would have wanted too stay the night with a tent in the middle of nowhere 🙂

Aatos Beck © 25 – 26 / 03-2012

Watcher of Faith!

I added also three vidz of the movie The Crow on the Fav. Vidz Page.

Aatos Beck © 20-03-2012