Flickering lights – Aatos Beck!


Aatos Beck © 26-09-2013

Rumbling Train – Aatos Beck (VIDEO)!


Aatos Beck © 17-10-2013

Commemorating 9/11 – Herdenking 9/11!


Collected 9/11 reports Erik Mouthaan


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Source: RTL Nieuws

Spicy Garlic Chicken Fillet with Vegetables!

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1 onion, soup vegetables, 1 Garlic
1 Chicken breast fillet, Curry, Ketjap Manis (Soy), 1 garlic, Cayenne
160 ° C for about 1.5 hours

1 sipuli, keitto vihanneksia, 1 Valkosipuli
1 Broilerinfileetä, Curry, Ketjap Manis (soija), 1 valkosipuli, Cayenne
160 asteessa noin 1,5 tuntia


Aatos Beck © 08-09-2013

Dead Can Dance – Anastasis [full album] excellent sound quality!

Source: YouTube!

What’s the use of wings – COVER by Aatos Beck 20-08-2013!

What’s the use of wings – COVER by Aatos Beck 20-08-2013
ORIGINAL by Brian Bedford.

Onion small potatoes with Salmon garlic fish-sticks oven dish!

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Aatos Beck © 20-08-2013.

Balladi elokuvasta Klaani – esittäjänä Aatos Beck!

Edited & Background by Aatos Beck © 20-08-2013.
Source: YouTube! aatosbeck
Balladi elokuvasta Klaani Sanat © Juice Leskinen, esittäjänä Aatos Beck 13-03-2008!

Wish you were Here – Pink Floyd (cover) Performed by Aatos Beck!

Edited: Aatos Beck © 20-08-2013.

Dreamer – Ozzy Osbourne (cover) performed by Aatos Beck!

Performed by Aatos Beck 19-08-2013 (MASTER)