Commemorating 9/11 – Herdenking 9/11!


Collected 9/11 reports Erik Mouthaan


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Source: RTL Nieuws

Onion Green Beans with Mint Chicken fillet!

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Onion Green Beans with Mint Chicken fillet
Sipuli vihreitä papuja Mint Broilerinfileetä
Ui Sperziebonen met Mint Kip filet


Aatos Beck © 10-09-2013.

What’s the use of wings – COVER by Aatos Beck 20-08-2013!

What’s the use of wings – COVER by Aatos Beck 20-08-2013
ORIGINAL by Brian Bedford.

Balladi elokuvasta Klaani – esittäjänä Aatos Beck!

Edited & Background by Aatos Beck © 20-08-2013.
Source: YouTube! aatosbeck
Balladi elokuvasta Klaani Sanat © Juice Leskinen, esittäjänä Aatos Beck 13-03-2008!

Wish you were Here – Pink Floyd (cover) Performed by Aatos Beck!

Edited: Aatos Beck © 20-08-2013.

She was the One – Aatos Beck!

Aatos Beck © 07-08-2013

Written & composed: Aatos Beck © 14-01-1997 in Cork Ireland.

Flying High!

Flying High by Aatos Beck © 28-05-2013

Aatos Beck © 28-05-2013

Angel that couldn’t Fly – Aatos Beck © 1999!

Source: YouTube!

Dancing in the Air!

Dancing in the Air by Aatos Beck © 06-02-2013

Aatos Beck © 06-02-2013