Bami Goreng with Sateh!


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Aatos Beck © 13-09-2013

Crinkle cut fries with drumsticks!


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Aatos Beck © 14-09-2013

Chilli Chicken Drum-stick’s with Onion Rice!

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Aatos Beck © 01-09-2013.

Lost in the Woods – Aatos Beck!

Aatos Beck © 10-06-2013

Turn on the Lights – Aatos Beck!

Aatos Beck © 28-03-2013

Blood Donation for the better Good!

Blood Donation for the better Good by Aatos Beck © 31-01-2013

   Naar homepage

Aatos Beck © 31-01-2013

Added “New Video Projects” page!


Click on the picture above to get to this page 🙂 or go to the tab “New Video Projects”

Aatos Beck © 25-01-2013

Have a safe New Year!

Have a safe New Year by Aatos Beck © 31-12-2012

Aatos Beck © 31-12-2012

Happy New Year!

GNJ HNY HUV by Aatos Beck © 29-12-2012

Aatos Beck © 29-12-2012

Joulupukki (Santa Claus) Appeared Out of the Blue!

Aatos Beck © 24-12-2012