Balladi elokuvasta Klaani – esittäjänä Aatos Beck!

Edited & Background by Aatos Beck © 20-08-2013.
Source: YouTube! aatosbeck
Balladi elokuvasta Klaani Sanat © Juice Leskinen, esittäjänä Aatos Beck 13-03-2008!

40 – Snow in Heerlen by Aatos Beck (New Version)!

Aatos Beck © 24-02-2013

Helicopter Crashes During Top Gear Recording!

An on board camera records the crash of an AH-1 Cobra during filming for an episode of Top Gear South Korea. The AH-1 was supposed to race a Corvette at an Arizona airfield as part of a challenge.

Source: YouTube!


Langlaufing in the Netherlands 2!

Aatos Beck © 25-01-2013

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Aatos Beck © 25-01-2013

Langlaufing in the Netherlands!

(16:9 Aspect Ratio)
(4:3 Aspect Ratio)
Aatos Beck © 24-01-2013

De Sint of Sinterklaas!

© De Sint (movie)

© De Sint (movie)

© De club van Sinterklaas

© De club van Sinterklaas

Photo’s taken from the television during broadcasting by Aatos Beck