Why save – Hoezo sparen – Miksi säästää?

Why save - Hoezo sparen - Miksi säästää by AatosBeck © 05-04-2013

AatosBeck © 05-04-2013

Turn on the Lights – Aatos Beck!

Aatos Beck © 28-03-2013

Angel that couldn’t Fly – Aatos Beck © 1999!

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Call for Spring!

Call for Spring by Aatos Beck © 04-03-2013

Aatos Beck © 04-03-2013

600 cats escaped cooking pot in China!

Reuters | 17 January 2013, 15:59
600 cats escaped cooking pot in China

About 600 cats are happily escaped certain death in a Chinese kitchen. The truck which they were transported crashed in the city of Changsha, and animal welfare the animals liberated.

The cats would be served in restaurants in the southern province of Guangdong. They sat in crowded, piled high wooden crates. The cats were all days, and had no water or food, Chinese media report.

About 100 animals were dead before the animal protectors they could to help. The crash and rescue were earlier this week, but the story has only just come out because pictures leaked via social media.

Reportedly, the animal protectors Trucker 1,200 euros paid for his merchandise. For the hundreds of cats for adoption addresses searched.

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© RTLNieuws.nl / Reuters

Have a safe New Year!

Have a safe New Year by Aatos Beck © 31-12-2012

Aatos Beck © 31-12-2012

Snowing in Heerlen!

Aatos Beck © 07-12-2012

Warp Zone Ahead!

Aatos Beck © 19-11-2012

Tears of a Clown!

I was quite emotional when I had to decide to bring one of my cats away 😥

Aatos Beck © 07-11-2012


Aatos Beck © 21-10-2012