Spicy Garlic Chicken Fillet with Vegetables 2!

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Mixed vegetables, 1 onion
1 Chicken fillet, 2 garlic, Ketjap Manis (Soy), nutmeg & Dill
180 degrees for about one hour.

Seka vihanneksia, 1 sipuli
1 Broilerinfileetä, 2 valkosipuli, Ketjap Manis (soija), muskottipähkinää & Tilliä
180 asteessa noin 1 tunti.


Aatos Beck © 09-09-2013.

Spicy Garlic Chicken Fillet with Vegetables!

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1 onion, soup vegetables, 1 Garlic
1 Chicken breast fillet, Curry, Ketjap Manis (Soy), 1 garlic, Cayenne
160 ° C for about 1.5 hours

1 sipuli, keitto vihanneksia, 1 Valkosipuli
1 Broilerinfileetä, Curry, Ketjap Manis (soija), 1 valkosipuli, Cayenne
160 asteessa noin 1,5 tuntia


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Chilli Chicken Drum-stick’s with Onion Rice!

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Chicken-wing Garlic Vegetable-Dish!

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And just for an hour into the oven at 160 Degrees Celsius.
Just a real easy way to make something good in an hour, but you can speed it up by first start with 180 – 200 and then lower it down to 160. Then it will maybe only take 30 – 40 minutes 🙂


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Elitaura’s oven-dish!

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Chicken Curry Delight!

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3 chicken-filets (sliced / parted)
2 onions
Ketjap (soya sauce)
Olive oil
Chicken herbs without salt
Cream cheese

200 degrees C (without a lid) for a half hour.
160 degrees C (with lid) for another hour.
Rice, with curry during cooking to get the yellow colour.

Aatos Beck © 23-04-2013

Pannukakku tulisen kana vihannes täytteellä – Pancake fiery chicken vegetable toppings!

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