Television-tube children are now LCD children!

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A television in the living room, which was a decade ago, a huge impediment. Until the advent of LCD, LED and plasma screens. They made ​​the traditional CRT unnecessary. In Heerlen is about a few weeks Europe’s last tube factory in black.

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Film Director Tony Scott died!

ANP | 20 August 2012, 06: 58

Filmregisseur Tony Scott overleden

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Film Director Tony Scott is Sunday at age 68 in Los Angeles died. That has the police disclosed.

Scott committed suicide by jumping off a bridge in Los Angeles. The Brit directed blockbusters like Top Gun, Enemy of the state and Crimson Tide.

Several witnesses saw Scott of the bridge jumping. His body was found almost 3 hours later. The Los Angeles Times reported that he left a farewell letter in his car. The police is therefore not a crime.

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