Shooting at woonboulevard Breda – Schietpartij bij woonboulevard Breda!

RTL News | 02 september 2012, 11: 56

Shooting at woonboulevard Breda

RTL Nieuws
RTL Nieuws | 02 september 2012, 11:56

Schietpartij bij woonboulevard Breda

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This morning a man is shot near a residential boulevard in Breda. That has the police reported.

The shooting took place around 10: 00 on the parking lot at the IKEA. An eyewitness let know just before the shooting to Omroep Brabant to have seen how a red Nissan Micra chased a black BMW. The co-driver in the Nissan would have hung out the window with a firearm and these have focused on the BMW.

Drove the victim after he was hit by a while yet and stepped out at a residential boulevard in the Brabant city. A passer-by retired the emergency services, which the man brought to the hospital. The victim is a resident of Roosendaal. He is out of danger, police said.

According to the police a helicopter deployed to Omroep Brabant has to find the perpetrators. According to Omroep Brabant is at the end of the afternoon a man from Sint Willebrord detained.

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Enorme ravage na ongeluk op A58!

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