Returning back Home!

Aatos Beck © 28-08-2012

Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles!

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Hot chicken legged Pasta!

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Aatos Beck © 13-08-2012

World’s most amazing photos – Part 1 & 2!

Source: © Orenyaro

50 Degrees and still rising!

Aatos Beck © 01-08-2012

The beauty of pollination!


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Saved by Magic 1&2 by Aatos Beck © 18-06-2012

Magic saved this little Tomtit so my other cats wouldn’t harm it by talking and hiding it between her paws without harming her. Second picture she kissed the bird 🙂

With the bird everything is fine… resting in the Tipi tent for a while to strengthen.

Aatos Beck © 18-06-2012