Call to Australians: catch most deadly spider!

RTL News | September 2, 2012, 22:08
Call to Australians: catch most deadly spider

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The Australians Australian Reptile Park has called to hunt the deadliest spider in the world: the Australian spin tunnel.

The stock antidote to the fatal bite of the tunnel spider is running out, reports the Australian Reptile Park, the only place in Australia where the antidote is made. The stock antidote can be supplemented with poison from the jaws of the tunnel spin.

Call: catch deadliest spider in the world

If someone is bitten by a spider tunnel dies within hours if he gets no antidote.

A spokesman for the Australian Reptile Park admits that it is a bit strange people to summon the beast: “Usually we are the ones who say to people: let them mostly alone, but it’s really important that we make antidote . ”

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Dalmatiër zorgt voor gevlekt weeslammetje

Ma 13 aug 2012, 1 min

Dalmatiër zorgt voor gevlekt weeslammetje.

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‘Stone iceberg’ floats in Pacific!

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The crew of a New Zealand Navy ship yesterday when she had to look twice as a gigantic amount of volcanic rock saw floating in the Pacific Ocean.

“It was the strangest what I’ve seen in 18 years at sea”, Lieutenant Oscar of the warship concluded Tim Canterbury. “As far as I could see, was a field that moved up and down with the pumice swell.”

Lightweight pumice stone

It resembles an iceberg and consists of lightweight pumice, which is emitted by a volcano under water, according to the Navy. The rock was yesterday by an aircraft of the air force discovered, about 1000 kilometres off the coast of New Zealand. The Navy was warned and who sent there on a ship.

Almost as big as Belgium

Scientists who with the naval vessel entrainment, thinking that the pumice stone originated from the underwater volcano Monowai, who recently was active. The ‘ iceberg ‘ has a size of stones 26,000 square kilometres, almost as big as Belgium.

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Spiders Plaque – Spinnenplaag!


Halloween-achtige taferelen in het Australische Wagga Wagga. Door de regenachtige weersomstandigheden heerst er een overvloed aan spinnen. Complete weilanden zijn bedekt met een dikke laag spinnenwebben.

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Halloween-like scenes in the Australian Wagga Wagga. Due to the rainy weather there is an abundance of spiders. Complete meadows are covered with a thick layer of cobwebs.

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