Onion small potatoes with Salmon garlic fish-sticks oven dish!

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Aatos Beck © 20-08-2013.

Most Beautiful Aquascapes (Underwater Landscapes)!

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New in Recipes: Salmon Sandwich Cake – Lohi Voileipäkakku – Zalm Brood Taart!

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1 loaf of white bread (without the crust)
1 can of Salmon
2 cream cheese
1 Hüttenkäse
A bit of tomato mousse
Tomato (sliced)
Cucumber (folded into hearts & cut as a dragon)

Aatos Beck © 10-04-2012

Curry Salmon Vegetable dish with Curry Herring Salad!

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500 gr Salmon
200 gr Soup- vegetables
Fish spices (without salt)
A bit of Persil
Chilli powder
2 tbl. sp. Soya sauce

1/2 can of Curry Herring

Bon Appetit!

Aatos Beck © 05-04-2012