Three Musketeers!

My three musketeers, Sima (left), Pökö (right) & Magic (in the back) were enjoying a nice nap in the Tipi tent to cool down from a hot sunny day.

Aatos Beck © 14-06-2012


Warm welcome home after a Motor-ride 1 & 2!

Aatos Beck © 28-05-2012

Magic Awakening!

Aatos Beck © 22-05-2012

Tipi to extra guest-room!

Aatos Beck ©  12-05-2012


Sometimes my cat thinks she can’t be seen when hiding behind some flowers & grass 🙂 But as you can see that doesn’t really seems to work out.

Aatos Beck © 10-05-2012

Waiting for Something to Happen!

Aatos Beck © 02-05-2012

Splitt Personality!

Aatos Beck © 26-04-2012