(goodnight) Don’t let the bedbugs Bite!


Don't let the bedbugs Bite by Aatos Beck © 03-01-2014

Aatos Beck © 03-01-2014

Maksa (liver) laatikkoa (oven-dish) “preparing for Christmas”!


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LIVER OVEN-DISH                                                                                     MAKSALAATIKKO
Raw materials                                                                                                      raaka-aineet

1000 g liver                                                                                                      1000 g maksaa
2 eggs                                                                                                                        2 munaa
8 tablespoons of syrup                                                                  8 ruokalusikallista siirappia
4 dl raisins (rinsed with)                                                                4 dl rusinoita (huuhdotaan)
2 tablespoons of salt                                                                                              2 rkl suolaa
1 teaspoon of black pepper                                                                         1 tl mustapippuria

Boil the porridge:                                                                                                 Keitä puuroa:
5 dl rice                                                                                                                      5 dl riisiä
1.5 l of water                                                                                                     1,5 l: aan vettä
0, 5 l of milk                                                                                                          0, 5 l maitoa

Frizzle:                                                                                                                        käristyä:
2 tablespoons butter                                                                                                 2 rkl voita
1 onion (grind)                                                                                      1 sipuli (hienonnetaan)


Aatos Beck 15-12-2013.

Brunsummerheide – Fishpond Koffiepoel!


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Mushroom Heaven by Aatos Beck © 12-10-2013

Aatos Beck © 12-10-2013.

Broken Green (Cayenne) Beans Mashed (Mint) Potato with Fish-sticks!

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Aatos Beck © 05-09-2013.

Broccoli Fish Fillet with Mixed vegetables!

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Aatos Beck © 03-09-2013.

Onion small potatoes with Salmon garlic fish-sticks oven dish!

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Aatos Beck © 20-08-2013.

Chicken-wing Garlic Vegetable-Dish!

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And just for an hour into the oven at 160 Degrees Celsius.
Just a real easy way to make something good in an hour, but you can speed it up by first start with 180 – 200 and then lower it down to 160. Then it will maybe only take 30 – 40 minutes 🙂


Aatos Beck © 11-08-2013

Vegetable Pangasiusfilet with Kardemom, Cayenne, Garlic Mix!

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Aatos Beck © 17-07-2013

Lost in the Woods – Aatos Beck!

Aatos Beck © 16-05-2013 rcd 20-06-2013

Light up the Sky – Aatos Beck!

Aatos Beck © 13-06-2013