Many trust Willem-Alexander as king – Veel vertrouwen in Willem-Alexander als koning!

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RTL News | January 29, 2013, 16:26
Many trust Willem-Alexander as king
Dutch find King’s Day fine

Nearly three quarters of the Dutch consider it a good choice that Queen is replaced by King’s. According to a representative survey of DVJ Insights commissioned by RTL News. Confidence in Willem-Alexander as king is great.

Yesterday it was announced that Alexander was inaugurated on April 30. From 2014, King’s held on the anniversary of Willem-Alexander, 27 April. It will take some getting used to, but 73.8 percent of the Dutch consider King’s fine. 16.6 percent prefer to retain Queen.

Half of the Dutch may well live the holiday a few days earlier, and over a quarter wants the party on April 30 remains.

Royal House reporter Antoin Peeters: “Three quarters of the Dutch consider the introduction of King’s is a good choice, I think it’s a shame that Queen disappears, but I am so one of the few.”

Most Dutch (64 percent) believe that the intent of King’s to remain the same, so with a visit of the royal family to a city and throughout the country orange partying.

Striking result of the study is that few Dutch plan to the inauguration of Willem-Alexander as king in Amsterdam to attend. Only 1.6 percent said definitely to go, considering the 4.6 percent and the majority (62.7 percent) is anyway not.
Presence of Zorreguieta’s

The family of the future Queen Máxima there is not. That presence is sensitive because of the participation of the father of Máxima of the Videla regime in Argentina. Half of the Dutch consider it appropriate that the family Zorreguieta is not there. 31 percent of respondents had at best they may be.

There is a lot of confidence in Willem-Alexander as king. 78.8 percent see it sitting in him. He is not the most popular member of the Royal Family. That remains his wife, Maxima, by half of the respondents as the most popular is designated.


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