Have a safe New Year!

Have a safe New Year by Aatos Beck © 31-12-2012

Aatos Beck © 31-12-2012

Happy New Year!

GNJ HNY HUV by Aatos Beck © 29-12-2012

Aatos Beck © 29-12-2012

Opeth – Blackwater Park (Full Album)!

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Joulupukki (Santa Claus) Appeared Out of the Blue!

Aatos Beck © 24-12-2012

Hunaja sinappi kinkku!

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Aatos Beck © 16-12-2012

New Banner!


Aatos Beck © 19-12-2012

Snowing in Heerlen!

Aatos Beck © 07-12-2012

De Sint of Sinterklaas!

© De Sint (movie)

© De Sint (movie)

© De club van Sinterklaas

© De club van Sinterklaas

Photo’s taken from the television during broadcasting by Aatos Beck

Transformation to the Flamerider!

Transformation to the Flamerider by Aatos Beck © 22-11-2012

Aatos Beck © 22-11-2012