Finnish Public Holidays!

Date English Name Local Name – Finnish Local Name – Swedish Remarks
1 January New Year’s Day Uudenvuodenpäivä Nyårsdagen
6 January Epiphany Loppiainen Trettondedagen
Moveable Friday Good Friday Pitkäperjantai Långfredagen The Friday before Easter Sunday
Moveable Sunday Easter Sunday Pääsiäispäivä Påskdagen
Moveable Monday Easter Monday 2. pääsiäispäivä Andra påskdagen The day after Easter Sunday
1 May May Day Vappu Valborgsmässoafton See Walpurgis Night
Moveable Thursday Ascension Day Helatorstai Kristi himmelfärds dag 39 days after Easter Sunday
Moveable Sunday Pentecost Helluntaipäivä Pingst 49 days after Easter Sunday
Friday between 19 June and 25 June Midsummer Eve Juhannusaatto Midsommarafton Non official – Non-working day in the annual holiday act law 162/2005
Saturday between 20 June and 26 June Midsummer Day Juhannuspäivä Midsommardagen Moved from 24 June
Saturday between 31 October and 6 November All Saints’ Day Pyhäinpäivä Alla helgons dag Moved from 1 November
6 December Independence Day Itsenäisyyspäivä Självständighetsdagen
24 December Christmas Eve Jouluaatto Julafton Non official – Non-working day in the annual holiday act law 162/2005
25 December Christmas Day Joulupäivä Juldagen
26 December St Stephen’s Day 2. joulupäivä or tapaninpäivä Andra juldagen
All Sundays Sunnuntai Söndag Official holidays – names follow the Liturgical year

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