Ended a Fox-hunt!

Ended a Fox-hunt

Yesterday night as I already was in bed trying to get some sleep a weird chilly sound got me to stand up and look out my window to see what it had been. First I didn’t see anything, but after closer inspection there was something white against a stoop next to the road. Could still not be sure what it was, but then it moved its head.

It was a white cat and because I have a white cat too I panicked a bit, because I thought it was my own. Suddenly something moved out of the bushes towards the cat and that’s when I noticed it was a fox surrounding its prey (the cat). In an instant put my clothes on and went outside to save that poor cat. As I got outside the fox had left, but the cat started to walk away into the same direction the fox had run too. I tried to lure the cat and she answered back, but still kept walking on. Went after her to see that she was save, but couldn’t find her any more.

So I went back home straight to the back garden and peeped over the fence. After a while I saw the cat just on the corner of the street and was relieved that it seemed everything was fine. I was wrong… suddenly the fox came out of the blue and stood still to make her move. That’s when I started to hiss and wave my arms. First the fox didn’t even seem to mind what I was doing, because she was so focused on her meal. I made more noise & that was enough to scare her away.

Then later the cat was again trying to find her way home, but started to walk again towards the unknown. Again I went to the street with the idea of trying to get the cat so nothing bad would happen to her and took a cat bag with me. But as I came to the corner of the street suddenly my three cats surrounded me and wanted to help with the search. Dilemma… could not go further to try to save that other cat, because that would bring my own cats in danger. So

I had to turn back home and saw the cat leave into the distance to more saver grounds. That was the first sighting of a fox that I had encountered while living here.


Aatos Beck © 11-05-2012

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