Camera films mysterious creature in ocean – Camera filmt mysterieus wezen in oceaan!

RTL News | May 10, 2012, 10: 35

Camera films mysterious creature in ocean

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An underwater camera has deep in the ocean a mysterious animal filmed. Is the being on image captured last month. Scientists face a conundrum.

The gigantic organic mass is filmed with a remote controlled camera. The animal is still not seen before. Speculators say that the beast to the jellyfish family belongs. The animal that is filmed however, organs, while jellyfish do not.

According to scientists, it can also go to a whale, but calling the hexagonal shapes on placenta skin questions.

Rare jellyfish

If the animal on the video belongs to the jellyfish, it will order the Stygiomedusa Gigantea family. This can be up to six meters and other marine was seen over the past century but 114 times.

Mysterious maker

The video was posted on YouTube late last month. The creator let curious viewers with many questions behind: he has no details of his strange recording.

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