Beastie Boys back in the top-20!

Beastie Boys back in the top-20

Beastie Boys» Beastie Boys EPA

Beastie Boys back in the top-20
Beastie Boys Beastie Boys EPA
Added: Thursday 10 may 2012, 13: 39

The Beastie Boys are high in the u.s. charts. After the death of Adam Yauch returned a whopping seven albums of last Friday the group back into the u.s. top 200, including their 1986 debut album ‘ License to Ill ‘. That album debuted at number 18.

The 47-year-old Yauch, better known as MCA, died of cancer on 4 May. Two days after his death there were 55,000 albums sold and more than 150,000 songs downloaded. The week before but there were 4000 albums sold by the Beastie Boys.
Brass Monkey

The most downloaded song is Brass Monkey from the album ‘ License to Ill ‘. It is expected that the sale of the music still will be higher next week.


Music video by Beastie Boys performing Brass Monkey (Live At Madison Square Garden).

Source: YouTube!

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