Butterfly´s tender touch to the Earth 1,2 & 3!

Aatos Beck © 30-05-2012

Warm welcome home after a Motor-ride 1 & 2!

Aatos Beck © 28-05-2012

Mr. Lordi gives points from Finland – ESC 2012!

Source: YouTube!

Loreen – Euphoria HQ (Sweden Eurovision Song Contest 2012) winner!

Source: YouTube!


To see more of the contest songs this year 🙂

Tarly Chicken Curry!

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I prepare the food at 160 degrees Celsius to preserve the natural balance off vitamins & sugar counts that become higher even by a slight change of going to 180. It may be will take a half hour longer, but the taste will be more tasteful.

Aatos Beck © 26-05-2012

Are You Talking to Me?

Aatos Beck © 26-05-2012

Once Love and now a Statue!

Aatos Beck © 24-05-2012