Heksenberg – Witchesmountain!

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Yesterday I found a new place in nature nearby my own home that I wanted to explore & finally the time was right to climb that mountain enjoying the sun setting down on the horizon.

I just would have wanted too stay the night with a tent in the middle of nowhere 🙂

Aatos Beck © 25 – 26 / 03-2012

The Killers – Human!

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Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody!

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Summer weather in the Netherlands!

This last week has been like summer, with temperatures even above +52 Celcius in the sun.
And this week seems to get better by the day… hope my motorbike still starts? 🙂

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Weather WK 47 – 15 t/m 20 Nov 2013!

Het weer van vrijdag 15 november

Vandaag vrij veel bewolking, de minimumtemperatuur ligt tussen de 1 en 8 °C. De maximumtemperatuur tussen de 7 en 12 °C. De wind is zwak uit NO.
vandaag morgen zo 17 nov. ma 18 nov. di 19 nov. wo 20 nov.
vrij veel bewolking vrij veel bewolking zwaar bewolkt zwaar bewolkt zwaar bewolkt met lichte regen of motregen vrij veel bewolking
Temperatuur temperatuur 10 4 9 1 9 4 8 3 7 3 7 0
Zonneschijn zon 45% 30% 10% 15% 25% 30%
Kans op regen neerslag 10%
Wind verwachting wind 2Windrichting NO 2Windrichting ZW 2Windrichting Z 3Windrichting ZW 2Windrichting NW 2Windrichting NO
Weerwaarschuwing: Er zijn momenteel geen waarschuwingen. Weeronline

Morning Glory!

Sometimes it has a purpose to stay awake for the whole night, just to get the right picture at the right time… even if it means getting cranky 🙂

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Watcher of Faith!

I added also three vidz of the movie The Crow on the Fav. Vidz Page.

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